Leaving the Jorgenwyld

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Leaving the Jorgenwyld

Postby fireward » Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:14 am

Khajit stared at the tablets retrieved by the party that went into the ruins. most certainly, his guild would be interested in their safe return.

he reverently picked up the tablets and wrapped them up in his spare clothes. holding the bundle tightly, he followed the drummond courier's guild representative toward the portal stone.

"safest exit point is north. Khajit know the place. best be very quiet... or bring some warriors. khajit learnt that the exit have pride of lions nearby."

khajit had learnt much of the jorgenwylders and their ways... with the ancient prayer tablets in tow, and translated copies hidden in several pouches, truely, the gods have sent him here to retrieve ancient knowledge. he was sure of it.

When he returned to toryenaya, he would submit his findings to the guilds there and consult with the guild masters...

leaving behind a small bag of skooma with the big great chief of the jorgenwylders as thanks for hospitality, khajit stepped into the light of the portal stone, clutching his precious tablets.

**to the many friends and acquaintances khajit made during his short, eventful stay in the jorgenwyld territories, khajit made it quite clear that if any thanks were unnecessary. and that if any felt so obliged, they should make some sort of offering to the gods via the guild and mention how he had helped them.

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