Escaping Shinden Asahina

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Escaping Shinden Asahina

Postby Ace » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:50 pm

Asahina samurai and their guests from other clans have escaped attack by Crab forces.
The peaceful temples of Shinden Asahina were left behind, and the only indication of the fate of the beloved Crane home is the explosions witnessed by the escaping boats.

Now the refugees from Shinden Asahina have arrived in Daidoji lands, up the coast. Samurai are invited to depart the Crane hospitality here, or travel further with the Crane by sea up to the northern lands - arriving at Kyuden Doji some days later.

Wherever they arrive, Crane and guest samurai alike can see that the Crane families are clearly prepared for the war which is now upon them.

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