Article: How to Market Your LARP

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Article: How to Market Your LARP

Postby Louise » Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:27 am

Here is the link: How to Market Your LARP

I'm not sure what the current clubs are doing, but I hope this article helps.

I can see that it must be a challenge to convince new people to enter the hobby. For me, it didn't take much convincing. When I first heard of LARP, my thoughts were like, "Wow! I thought we had to stop doing this when we transitioned from children to adults! This is the hobby I've wanted for so long!"

My efforts in promoting LARP:
  1. The Website: By golly! I can't stress how much I want feedback on this! There is no "one way" to make a website. So I am forever left wondering if the website is doing its job right, or if it could be done better.
  2. Videos: At the time I write this, I currently don't have a camera that's great for video. But once I do, I have plans to capture some footage and put together little advertisements, trailers or docos. I like vlogs, and I think this could be a good way to share what it's like to participate in LARP.

I'm also highly interested in Q&A panels, promoting at other places, and getting LARP orgs and enthusiasts together to discuss things.

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Re: Article: How to Market Your LARP

Postby IdiotSavant » Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:58 am

In NZ we market larp genericly by getting a stall at Armageddon (a pop-culture expo), covering it in posters of every upcoming event we can find, and getting people in costume to enthusiastically hand out business cards and flyers and sign people up for games. We're still not sure how effective this is at bringing new people into the hobby, but it gives us a fair bit of visibility with our fellow geeks.

Plus of course websites and being accessible to media.
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