Discussing LARP theory and design

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Discussing LARP theory and design

Postby LisaJane » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:43 am

I want to have discussions about LARP theory and LARP design. Partly because I have some grand notions that if we can open up and deepen the current discussions about LARP going on throughout Melbourne, Victoria and Australia we could have effects on the ways LARPs are thought about and run here and deepen and broaden our own LARP culture, like the Nordic countries have, with amazing results. Mostly though, just because I love talking about LARP.

At the moment I find conversations about LARP mostly come in 3 varieties. The first, is with people who know nothing about LARP, in which I explain to them the basic overview of what the hobby entails and answer questions they have about it. The second is with people who currently play in LARPs, or have in the past, and mostly consists of bitching about issues with the one or more of the current LARPs being run or the recent games they’ve played. The third is mostly amongst my closest friends, where we discuss things in a lot more detail and try to bring into discussion ideas about LARP theory and LARP design.

Of the 3 the third is by far my favourite. It’s where the best ideas are found, opinions are changed, problems solved, plans are made. In short, they are the most productive discussions. The only downside is that these conversations tend to only happen with my closest friends, and so often tend to end up feeling a little bit like preaching to the choir. We often already agree on a bunch of stuff because we have many similarities in our preferences. Also we often don’t do anything with our ideas, opinions, solutions or plans. They remain amongst our little group where they aren’t all that much use to anyone.

Clearly the best thing to do is to start having these discussions with more people, and to try and do so in a way that will make it more useful. This is why I asked for a forum group. In my experience (if used well), forums are can be rather useful, because they allow for more people to get involved in the discussion, and because they serve as a record that you can go back to when you want to start using the ideas, solutions and plans contained within them.

So, will you join me? Do you like discussing LARP as much as I do? What are the burning questions you want answers to? What are the problems you wish had better solutions? What do you love about LARP? What do you want to see more of? What do you think is the future of LARP in Victoria? Or the world?
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Re: Discussing LARP theory and design

Postby Andreas » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:10 am

I love discussing larps, larp theory, mechanism for creating social constructs, story arcs and paths for emotional traversal.

It would be awesome to both collect tips, tricks and experiences in the forum format, face to face at meet ups/pub nights etc.
I'd also like harvest the fruit of the discussions and distillate them into something that can be a bit easier to get in to than a forum, why not articles on the larp Victoria page?

If any one's interested in jumping in from the deep end I can recommend the books published in connection to the pan nordic larp conferences Knutepunkt. Some texts can be a bit academic, but if you just want a small taste of larps produced have a look at The Nordic Larp Yearbook 2014.

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