"Somebody's making an entrance!" vs "Your next

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"Somebody's making an entrance!" vs "Your next

Postby LisaJane » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:19 am

Origanally posted by Robert on Facebook, 1/6/15

Straw poll regarding LARP ideas:
In a similar game to Zeppelin, would you put the "Somebody's making an entrance!" perk on par with "Your next hit does double damage"? Yes/No?

(For those who didn't play Zeppelin: You tap a GM on the shoulder and tell them you'd like to "Make an entrance." The GM then runs into a room ahead of you and shouts "Look everyone, somebody's making an entrance!" Then you enter the room. The room might not actually be a room.)
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Re: "Somebody's making an entrance!" vs "Your next

Postby LisaJane » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:28 am

Tim: Nope

Jack: I'd say yes, it just requires more creativity to use it well.

Nicholas: Yes.

Lee: One is a soft perk one is a hard perk.. Hard to compare.

Robert: Thus the straw poll.

Nicholas: These are incomparable, which means we can argue about this forever and still be inconclusive.

Robert: I'm already arguing it with myself. I'm seeing which of me has more people agreeing :P

Saskia: Yes! Not that since I can't fight I feel impotent and powerless.

Nicholas: Remind me to teach you the ways of the Poleaxe, The Lazy warrior's weapon.

Robert Anderson-Hunt Incidentally I'm still working on my poleaxe manual translation.

Michael E: no because players wont give a fuck, itd be much more useful in a tabletop rpg.

Michael W: I think that when I started larping I would have gone for the damage but now I'd be more likely to go for the cooler sounding one.

Anthony: Depends on the larp. A more Social/Politcal one, then the entrance is important. A more Adventure type one, then not so much,unless your including rules that allow for "Charismatic type powers" in encounters.

Robert: IMO Zeppelin was about 50/50, but I'm biased. Thus the poll :P

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Ben: Making an entrance has non-combat related utility

Michael E: only if people are FORCED to react as PK points out. Otherwise half the room will ignore you and the more times its used, the less people will care. Its a poor larp power. double damage is also shit but it will work every time.

Phillip: No, almost hell no unless they have to watch for the 2 seconds unmoving in which case a 2 second time stop is always handy for killing people

Ivan: Hmmm... I dislike forcing people to roleplay in certain ways. It does break immersion to force people into reacting against their nature. If someone wants to draw attention my opinion is that they should just get up and make a scene. But there's a lot ...See More

Michael E: Werd. again referring to the local scene, we have a lot of.. ill be nice and say "new" players who arent being taught better habits by their peers.

Michael E: and while im on the topic, we also allow excessive consumption of alcohol at events which often blurs the line between roleplay and someone being a drunken prick.

Ivan: Yeah, the local environment has a huge impact in how people play and what they play. A player entering a game will have some kind of vision of what they are wanting to introduce and will be novel. However, after that player has been around for a while,...See More

Michael: yup. we also allow an excessive amount of OOCinteraction with IC players so using a power like this, the person youre trying to distract or whatever is probably in the corner playing magic the gathering

Lisa Jane: I initially thought yes, but then realized that one issue is that double damage is a scaling ability and how powerful the ability is depends on the typical damage called, the max damage that can be called (before doubling) and the typical hit points and max hit points in the game. The problem being the damage scales, where as make an entrance doesn't. In my experience however, when a special damage call is used, there are general some characters or monsters that effectively ignore it because they can take it, and many more that a struck with a sense of awe because "wow, did he just call a ...". I think this is pretty similar to the reactions in Zeppelin when "make an entrance" was used. To be "fair" though I would probably change it from "double damage" to "call x damage" where x is something roughly half the player base isn't going to be too phased by.

Jane: Doubling damage would get kinda wacky at higher levels, right?

Robert: Yeah, bad example. My intent there was just an example of "extra damage" without any particular scale in mind.

Jane: Ah right, taking the hypothetical as literal. Whoops!

Ivan: Here's a question; why have social skills/powers at all? I understand having combat skills because that's replicating something that you don't want to be really doing. But social activities are the core of a larp - why turn them into an abstract?
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Jarrah: I feel the closest combat equivalent to Make And Entrance would be the old Zeppelin perk Quick Draw. A scene-type-specific "everybody stop and look at me!" thing.

Lee: Having re looked at it, I like the idea and think that it is equally as powerful as a raw increase in damage. It has far.more applications both in and out of combat
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