WoE Day Game 8th November

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WoE Day Game 8th November

Postby Joe M » Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:16 am

8 November at 09:30–19:00

Darebin Parklands
Separation Street, Alphington, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3078

Watchers of Easthaven returns to the beautiful Darebin Parklands for more LARPing in the park! Come along and play, enjoy a barbeque lunch and have a biff in between solving crime.

When: 9:30am Saturday 8th of November
Where: Darebin Parklands, near the main entrance to the park, off Separation St.
Cost: $30 for players/$10 for NPC
PT: Alphington train station. Hurstbridge line
Bring: Players must bring all costume and any props they need. NPCs should wear something basic, comfortable and non-intrusive that can be covered by costume to take on a variety of roles.
Bookings: email watchersofeasthaven@gmail.com to save a spot.


Internal Cleansing
The Mermaid has disclosed the rough location of the Pirate King, but it is well outside the jurisdiction of the Watchers. Anyway, pirates are the responsibility of the AMA, although the word on the docks is that they are not dealing with the problem very well at the moment. Of more immediate concern is the revelation that the "King" has spies in many organisations throughout Easthaven, including the Watchers. This situation must be dealt with, and perhaps blinding him in the city will bring more overt action and flush him out.

Of Wolf And Man
While The Watchers' efforts have dealt with the magical affliction threatening Easthaven the woods surrounding the city are still filled with ever increasing dangers. The Watchers have received a call for aid from the head priest at Easthaven's temple to Lithrasir. A number of their adherents - including several Totemic Mages - have gone missing while attempting to build a new shrine, well beyond the city walls.
What threat lurks in the dark forest beyond the safety of civilization? Don your green cloak and find out.

Darkness from Drakemoor
*the first in a trilogy by guest writer Rob Anderson-Hunt!*
A small town is in danger, and a runner comes to request aid. What evil besets the villagers of Drakemoor? What heroes could save them?

See you there!
epic fantasy hero larp

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