Development of Dantir: Beyond the Stones

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Development of Dantir: Beyond the Stones

Postby Williamhawk » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:41 am


The creation of our entirely new fantasy game setting has been a long process. We had been inspired for some time to run a LARP, through various experiences with local Victorian LARPs, NERO and Lorien Trust overseas, and our experiences running Legend of the Five Rings and other original freeform type LARP events at Conquest, GenCon, and other conventions. We first started discussing running a LARP in 2010, and by the end of 2010 we had been well into writing the rules structure. One thing and another lead us to decide to run the Legends of the Five Rings LARP first, while still developing our fantasy game setting. L5R premiered in 2012, and we have run over a dozen successful L5R LARP events (to 2014).

However, fantasy has not been forgotten in all this time. By not rushing the timeframe, taking the time to work out the issues that we have with our rules system and giving ourselves the time to get our weapons, props and armour ready; when the time comes our fantasy production will be as good as we can possible deliver. We hope to bring you a game that will be rich, diverse and enjoyable and most of all well prepared. This does not mean an end to L5R! We have a long term story plan for the L5R game, which will not be ended before its time. Fantasy and L5R games will run in parallel, with events for both storylines run each year.

For more have a look at this infographic video

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