Might you be interested in profit?

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Might you be interested in profit?

Postby Louise » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:33 am


[In Character post as Rana]

Greetings travellers! Apparently there is a strange creature who has been raising the dead to serve as its minions. I've been told that the Hoog-Bloodheer is offering a reward to anyone capable of destroying this creature. Well... I am prepared to DOUBLE whatever amount the Hoog is offering! That is if you can capture it alive and return it to Aventus for me.

Otherwise we are prepared to offer a prize for the live capture of any other monster. Small and common ones will net you 1Au, however we are prepared to offer prizes of 20 to 30Au for anything particularly fierce, rare, or unique.

I'll be in the Jorgenwyld for the time being, and prepared to escort you back, with our catch, all the way to the colosseum cages.
Good luck, my friends. :)

- Rana of Aventus

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