Winter Court – Game Rules and Information

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Winter Court – Game Rules and Information

Postby Ace » Sat May 26, 2012 5:03 am

Winter Court is an online court scenario for the Chimera Productions Legend of the Five Rings LARP game. The following is a brief summary of the information you will need to participate, and the rules for participating in the court environment.

1. The scenario is available to all characters who have created a character and received an invitation (sent by email). If you would like to participate and have not received an email invitation, please email us, so we can assist your character creation and send an invitation. You do not need to have played our first event (Imperial Funeral) to participate.

2. There are several public locations within the court, where characters may interact. When your character enters or leaves an area, please indicate this clearly in your posts.

3. Introductions – it is proper etiquette to introduce yourself to the hosts upon arrival at the castle. Thus, please introduce your character in the Great Hall as early as possible, even if you do not intend to roleplay in that area.

4. The event is a court, and more importantly it is an Emperor’s Court. It is appropriate to be on your best courtly behaviour. The event is hosted in the Crane castle Shiro sano Kakita. Any overt conflict – especially violence – is likely to at the very least earn the perpetrators a swift ejection from the castle and a long walk home through the snow. Of course, dignified duelling and sparring is welcomed, in the proper place.

5. Public discussions – if conversation takes place in one of the public venues, then anyone in that venue may overhear what is said, whether or not they are actual participants in the conversation.

6. Private discussions - Private locations are available, please contact one of the orgs via PM or email us to set up an invitation only area for private conversations.

7. Using the game rules in the winter court. As this is an online environment, interaction should be conducted via roleplaying and conversation without resort to rules wherever possible. However, if you would like to call on the rules at any point, please seek GM advice via PM or email.

*** Note: The Courtier Skill and Favours may be used at this Winter Court.
Calling on the courtier skill may get you etiquette tips, rumours, information on individuals, ideas for gifts, etc. Please email or PM the GMs to use this.

Contact Orgs:
Email, or Private Message on this forum to Guile or Ace

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