Destiny Has No Secrets

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Re: Destiny Has No Secrets

Postby Pironious » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:11 am

"There is no offense, the precautions you have taken are sensible and I would expect nothing less in these chaotic times," Ryouichi replied with a bow. "I am honoured to accept your charge to protect Satsume-sama, and will see you as the snow falls."

With that, he awaited indication of being dismissed before rising to depart.
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Re: Destiny Has No Secrets

Postby Guile » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:51 am

The brothers both stand and bow, perhaps slightly lower than Ryouichi's station would demand, in way of dismissal.

Both then begin to gather themselves together for battle.
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Re: Destiny Has No Secrets

Postby Tree frog » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:39 pm

Once dismissed Naoko waits until the Magistrate rises and leaves before doing so as well, adjusting her clothes to straighten them, she waits until they are out of ear shot of anyone and asks.... "Magistrate-sama, do you believe that we can trust them with the news we have just given them, I had an odd feeling while listening.... We should travel as quickly as we can to return to our companions."
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