Winter 1125 IC

The new year opens with war across the Empire.
The Crab Clan have devastated the Scorpion and Crane lands in the south. Now their forces move past the mountains to complete the promise of the great Hida Kisada - to march on the capital and remove a weak Emperor. Even the deep snows of winter cannot stop the power of the Ujina magic, clearing the way for the cursed troops of the Crab.

The Lion and Crane fought to a standstill before the snows came. The Dragon forces surprised the Lion flanks, then the Lion Clan was shocked as their Clan Champion retired. No one seems to know what will happen when the fields clear again in the spring. Will the Lion Clan press their forces against the Crane and clear the way for their Crab allies, or retreat in uncertainty?

The Phoenix Clan remain silent in their quiet halls - unwilling to become engaged in the bloody battles that threaten the rest of the Empire.

Many have fled the fighting toward the calm of the Dragon Mountains. Samurai from Crab, Crane, Dragon and Scorpion find themselves drawn to hide the dark secrets they bear behind the quiet strength of the Agasha family.
Now, more then ever before, the Empire needs the wisdom of the Dragon.
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